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Over the last ten years, several big companies have faced costly litigation relating to background check violations. Former applicants have sued them for allegedly violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act… Read more

Nursing Retention and Happiness With Melissa Fischer of NurseRegistry Melissa Fischer, CEO of NurseRegistry, was a guest on the Recruiting Daily Podcast to discuss best practices for nursing retention and… Read more

Avionte unveiled its 24/7 MOBILE JOB BOARD, an application that works with the company’s 24/7 Mobile Talent solution to create a recruiting tool. The product allows users to search jobs… Read more

Hiring automation platform Fyndo recently launched. The company aims to aid small and medium-sized businesses in their hiring process with the addition of automation in processes such as posting jobs… Read more

Storytelling About Odyssey With Brian Keenan Welcome to the Use Case Podcast! Today we have Brian Keenan from Odyssey, and we’ll be talking about the use case of Odyssey and… Read more

From trying out a talent marketplace to getting the most helpful tools, there are many ways to give employees the opportunity for growth and internal mobility. Create an Internal Talent… Read more

The logistics industry has been fraught with labor shortages, with the nation experiencing a widespread lack of truck drivers, warehouse workers, couriers, and skilled technicians. According to the US Bureau… Read more

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The New World Order: How Predictive Analytics and Big Data Impact Hiring Practices

Featured Event

In this session, PJ LeDorze helps you understand the massive power of predictive analytics and big data. Learn how to use this information to beef up your hiring process and educate your hiring leaders.


Interviewer Best Practices With Mark Simpson of Pillar In this episode of the Use Case podcast, William Tincup interviews Mark Simpson, CEO of Pillar, about interviewer best practices. Pillar is… Read more

Countless business functions—from customer service to sales and content marketing—are being improved through a mix of data, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. But a digital divide remains in one… Read more

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Sourcing Effectiveness: Benchmark Your Process for Strategic Recruiting


In this session learn the secrets of strategic benchmarking. If you know how to look into the past and quantify what you’ve done, you’ll be able to build a path toward improvement. 

How to Design Meaningful Moments at Work


Watch this on-demand webinar to learn simple, budget-friendly steps HR and business leaders can take to combat the belonging crisis. Fostering the ability to create Meaningful Moments at work leads to a healthier and more satisfying employee experience.

Soft Skills Recruiting 101


Watch Larry Anderson to learn all about the nuances of soft skills recruiting. Larry’s goal is to help you get to the root of identifying these skills in your interviews. But this isn’t just for an army of one: he’ll also how you how to pass this knowledge to your team. 

Advanced Sourcing Techniques to Uncover Hidden Talent


Join sourcing expert Shally Steckerl and watch this on demand session of our one-hour deep dive into advanced sourcing techniques that will help you uncover hidden talent.

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